Help Me God!

“Help me, God!” It’s an immediate need and humbling request. In most instances it comes directly from the heart. “Help me, God,” although only three words, nevertheless is a phrase packed with power.

Why Is Saying “Help Me, God” So Powerful?

This little phrase is powerful for two reasons:

1. The Bible says if you want something, you have to ask for it. “Ask and you shall receive.” So if you desire for God to help you, you must ask God for help.

2. As simple as it seems, when you cry out “Help me, God,” you have just sent forth a prayer. And there is power in prayer. Many times we find ourselves waiting on God to save us, and God is waiting for us to pray. God works through prayer. If you are dissatisfied with something in your life or the events around you, just think: when was the last time you prayed? God is a loving and organized God who seeks to restore humanity through prayer. So if you ask God for help, He will certainly help you.

More Ways to Use This Prayer

Although “Help me, God,” is a prayer all by itself, you may want to add more to it. Here are some examples:
• Help me, God, to achieve financial freedom.
• Help me, God, to have more patience.
• Help me, God, to see this situation clearly.
• Help me, God, to endure.

Accepting the Gift of Prayer

Requesting God’s help can be used for immediate needs or long-term goals. This prayer can be used in all areas of your life. You can even pray, “Help me, God, to find my soul mate.” Don’t worry that you’re asking God for too much, or that your requests are trivial. Remember: God works through prayer. You have not because you ask not. Prayer is a gift from God that allows you to freely communicate with God about anything. God offers this gift to anyone who is willing to accept the power that it brings.

Thank You, God!

After you ask God for help, always remember to say “thank you.” Expressing gratitude is an important element of an effective prayer. What you appreciate, appreciates. The more you express gratitude, the more good things will be attracted to you, and you are certain to get the help that you need.

So don’t be shy—if you need God’s help, simply say, “Help me, God!” He will. Just give it a try.

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