Goal Setting: What’s the Magic Question?

Is there such a thing as a magic question? I think so. I believe there is one question that is simple, yet so profound that if answered correctly, it could change your life forever. It is the key to true success. It can be used over and over again to help you realize your dreams. Every accomplishment, great or small, begins with this one basic question.

Are you ready for it? The magic question is: what do you want? There you have it. It’s as simple as can be. Figuring out what you want is the first step to achieving any goal.

I’m sure you’re probably thinking, “But that’s common sense.” Most things in life are. It doesn’t mean that common sense isn’t worth repeating, right? This question is so important that once you answer it, things will begin to happen in your life as if by magic.

There is power involved in answering this question. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “You have to see it to believe it.” Well, let me go a step further and say that you’ll never be able to see it until you know what it is that you want. Knowing what you want is the single most important step to success.

Knowing what you want is not wishful https://buycbdproducts.com but rather heartfelt desire. In order for something to come to pass, you have to truly have a desire for it.

We’ve all seen the man who appears to be blowing in the wind. He runs around with half-digested thoughts, scattering his energy; he jumps from job to job, relationship to relationship, leaving behind a trail of despair and unfinished business. Part of the reason for his failure is that he doesn’t know what he truly wants.

Now on the other hand, the man who knows what he wants is a force to be reckoned with. He is on a mission. He focuses his energy. He sets clear goals for himself, because he’s learned that you cannot create a better tomorrow unless you realize what you want today. Once you figure out what you want, the battle is half won.

This is not to say that just because you know what you want, you’re always going to get what you want. But it’s definitely a step in the right direction. Just knowing what you want puts you ahead of the game.

So today I urge you: put it to the test. Figure out what you want, then match your desire with determination and watch your dreams come true—just like magic.

© 2013 by Tanya Guerrier. All rights reserved.

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