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How to Hear the Voice of God

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Do you believe that God speaks?
Do you desire to hear God’s voice?

If so, this book was written especially for you!
This is a quick and easy read that you are sure to enjoy.

This book discusses:
• Who God is
• How to listen to God
• The creative ways in which God speaks
• The power of prayer
• How to pray effectively
• The benefits of hearing God’s voice
• How to develop your intuition
• How to turn your focus inward and reap amazing rewards
• And much more

Spiritual guidance and practical techniques will be offered to enhance your communication skills with your creator. Hear God’s voice today!

Developing Faith As A Mustard Seed: 52 Ways to Increase Your Faith

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Did you know there is power in faith?

Jesus said, “If you have faith as a mustard seed, nothing will be impossible for you.” Now you can learn to tap into this mighty power to achieve your highest good!

This book contains 52 practical tips that you can immediately apply to your daily life. Each tip also includes a relevant scripture to encourage you to increase your faith.

Developing Faith As A Mustard Seed was created to provide you with spiritual guidance and usable insights to help you live a better life. Increase your faith and you will improve your life!

My Beautiful Inspirations: 365 Days of Quotes


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Start your day off right with a quick burst of inspiration. My Beautiful Inspirations contains inspirational quotes, motivational quotes, famous quotes, love quotes, success quotes and random quotes and sayings.

Words have the power to change lives. Now you can savor the thoughtful words of some of the most profound thinkers of our time. This quotes book is perfect for anyone looking for a jolt of inspiration. Be inspired every day!

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Are you on a quest for more happiness?
Do you desire to live an abundant life?

If so, this award-winning book is especially for you!

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Timeless gifts are yours every day! Now you can learn to tap into your inner resources, master spiritual tools and follow on the path to happiness. In an uplifting, yet down-to-earth style, this simple guide offers you secrets and strategies for finding, attaining, and enjoying happiness daily, even in the worst of times.

How to Find Inner Peace

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Do you desire to have inner peace?
Do you want to experience peace that transcends all understanding?

If so, this book was written especially for you! This is a quick and easy read that is sure to comfort your soul. In this book, you will learn what TAG is and how you can use it effectively in your life to find inner peace. This book will guide you in a gentle way to discovering peace that comes from the Lord. You will learn practical tips and strategies that you can apply in your daily life to enhance peaceful feelings. Begin your journey of peace today!

Praying Through the Scriptures: 66 Quiet Moments of Reflection

A Bestselling Prayer-book! Only 0.99 cents!!!!

This is a personal prayer book to help you grow closer to God using a technique called “praying through the scriptures.” We will journey through every book in the Bible revealing some of God’s spiritual truths in the form of prayers and meditations.

Our Heavenly Father wants us to be not only hearers of his word, but doers of his word. This book will help you to apply scriptures to your daily life. There are many different ways to learn scriptures. This book offers you guidance in an inspirational way to help you personalize your journey.